Feature / Documentary
Faith in the Big House
Prison Ministry & Faith-Based Prison Programs

Follow the struggles of 6 inmates as they attend a 3 day Christian retreat at Elayne Hunt Correctional Facility in Louisiana. Missouri based group "Residents Encounter Christ", hope to change the lives of the inmates through religious conversion.

"Faith" looks at all sides of the debate about the effectiveness of faith-based programs in reducing recitivism.

Featuring Jack Murphy (Murph the Surf) former FBI ten most wanted jewel thief (J.P. Morgan heist, Star of India, Eagle Diamond, de Long Ruby) now a leading national figure in prison ministry.

Bishop Frank Constantino former mafia crew boss turned Episcopalian Bishop.

Chuck Colson Special counsel, Nixon administration, now founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries, the largest prison ministry org in the world.

Barry Lynn (Americans United for the Separation of Church and State) who recently sued Chuck Colson and PFM in Iowa.

Directed by Jonathan Schwartz, Interlock Media
Aquired by PBS for broadcast 2014