Feature / Documentary
Extraordinary Passage
Harold Coolidge & Harvard Expeditions to Africa in early 1900's
Extraordinary Passage looks at the history of the Harvard University expeditions into Africa in the 1920's which led to the conservation movements of today, through the diaries of Harold Coolidge, who as a young Harvard student traveled to Liberia on big game hunting trips to eventually become a founding figure in the natural sciences. While genuinely advancing scientific knowledge around curing tropical diseases and preserving wild life, controversial racial attitudes, colonial agendas and corporate exploitation of resources and labor were also at the heart of these expeditions making this a very complex look at this period of American history. The experiences of Coolidge are told through actual expedition film and photos along with dramatic narration from his original diaries. A sound track was designed for the silent film in part using present day field recordings from Liberia.
Directed by Jonathan Schwartz, Interlock Media
Notable Project Elements: Archival 16mm silent film, large format photos and the original diaries of Harold Coolidge from the expeditions.