Worcester High's star quarter back Brad Roberts quits football
to follow his musical dream and starts the first ever boy band.

Feature / Comedy
Boy Band
Written & Directed by
John Artigo

Produced by
Andrea Ajemian


Michael Copon (Scorpion King, Bring It On 2, CSI Miami, Scrubs)
Robert Hoffman (Pirates of the Caribbean, Step Up 2 The Streets, Coach Carter, Vanilla Sky)
Ming NA ( Joy Luck Club, Mulan 2, ER, Boston Legal, Law and Order SVU)
Kurt Fuller (Wayne's World, The Running Man, True Believer, Scary Movie, Ray)
Ryan Hansen (Friday the 13th, Super Hero Movie, Ally McBeal, That's So Raven)
Rachel Specter (Entourage, Extreme Movie, Gilmore Girls, Crossing Jordan)
Laura Breckenridge (Beautiful Loser, Havoc, Loving Annabelle)
Richard Riehle (Office Space, Duece Bigelow, Fried Green Tomatoes, Ghosts of Mississippi)